Apartment, Hotel & Premises Liability Cases

Unfortunately, our society is plagued by criminal activity. Many apartment and hotel owners are aware of the frequent instances of assault and personal crimes committed upon their tenants or guests. Many premises liability cases result from apartment owners who are motivated primarily by greed ignoring the security needs of their apartment complexes or measures to ensure tenant and visitor safety. Guests and tenants are neither warned of the dangers nor protected with adequate security measures.

Being raped in an apartment is one of the most traumatic events that a person can endure and live to tell about. Atlanta Attorney E. Marcus Davis has successfully represented several women who have been either assaulted or raped at apartments, where management failed to institute safe practices and security measures.

National experts are available who can be hired on behalf of injured Plaintiffs, who can educate juries as to the deficiencies in security measures at apartments or hotels and how such deficiencies resulted in injuries to tenants or guests.

Mr. Davis has handled cases involving inadequate security at hotels, apartment complexes, ATM machine locations and grocery store and convenience store parking lots. Even though criminals actually inflict the injuries upon these customers or residents, frequently criminal activity reporting records from police departments will show that the premises owner knew of the high volume of criminal activity on the property in question and failed to institute proper security measures to ensure the safety of residents, patrons, etc.

As a highly experienced Atlanta Attorney, Mr. Davis has helped injured parties obtain appropriate medical and psychiatric care as an adjunct to successfully prosecuting such claims.