Automobile Wreck Cases

As everyone knows, automobile injuries and deaths occur too frequently in our society. There is virtually never a day that passes in the metropolitan Atlanta Area when a traffic fatality is not mentioned in the headlines and the numbers are staggering at the State of Georgia level. Few families have gone untouched by the losses caused by death and significant injury caused in automobile collisions.

Many of these injuries and deaths are caused by negligent drivers who fail to exercise the care necessary to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.

Mr. Davis has handled hundreds of automobile wreck cases over the years. Many of these automobile negligence cases have resulted in six figure settlement or verdict results and some of them have resulted in seven figure results when injuries were severe.

Mr. Davis now limits his practice to clients with substantial injuries caused by negligent automobile drivers. Automobile wrecks where there are severe injuries including brain and spinal cord injuries or wrongful death are typically the types of cases that require Mr. Davis’ medical knowledge.

You can be assured that Mr. Davis will devote his personal attention to your case and will do his utmost to obtain the best possible result for you in your automobile negligence case.