Catastrophic Infant Birth Injury Cases

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and happy events in the lives of most couples. Unfortunately, sometimes a baby is injured during the prenatal or birthing process. Sometimes these injuries are unavoidable, but sometimes the injuries are caused by medical malpractice.

These injuries can be catastrophic at times. A lack of oxygen during the birthing process can cause catastrophic brain injury and cerebral palsy. The cost of medical care for a child who has suffered such an injury can run into the millions of dollars over the lifetime of the child.

The economic hardship placed on a family who is raising a child suffering from this type of injury are elements of damage which Mr. Davis can help that family recover if the injuries are, in fact, caused by medical malpractice.

When a child has sustained a serious deficit or injury during the pregnancy or at the time of the birth, the child and his parents need to be represented by an experienced medical malpractice attorney. The lawyer must obtain all of the prenatal obstetrics/gynecology records and the hospital medical records for both the mother and the child. An expert obstetrician must review the medical records, along with any medical literature applicable to the case, to determine whether or not the case can be successfully prosecuted. This is a time consuming and expensive process and can take weeks or months to accomplish. Unfortunately, after all of the records have been obtained and reviewed by the appropriate expert witness, it is possible that the determination will show that the injuries were not caused by malpractice, or that due to other complicating factors, the case cannot be pursued.

Mr. Davis has handled many catastrophic infant birth injury cases involving children who were injured because of prenatal malpractice or malpractice occurring during the birthing process. Cases, which can be successfully pursued, include: forceps injuries; brachial plexus injuries; failure to timely c-section; medication mistakes; damage to child during amniocentesis; failure to promptly deliver a child or perform an emergency c-section; improper evaluation of the size of the baby’s head versus the mother’s pelvis; improper treatment of bacterial infections and the like.

If your child was injured by medical malpractice, it makes sense to have the case evaluated by Mr. Davis and his staff. If the case cannot be successfully prosecuted, the evaluation process will not cost the family any money. Mr. Davis pursues all such cases on a contingent fee basis, and his attorney’s fees will be paid from the recovery on behalf of the child and the child’s family.