Client Testimonials

  • “I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to represent and help me to obtain financial security.”
  • “Mr. Davis does not leave anything to chance and always presents himself as a zealous, but professional, advocate for his client.”
  • “Mr. Davis is not a showman, but a highly skilled and extremely articulate attorney who understands how to win cases.”
  • “Marc, thank you especially for taking a chance on me and believing in the case. I couldn’t have made it through without your support and encouragement. You are truly the best.”
  • “Just wanted to say “thanks” one more time. I’m kinda shocked that this went so smoothly.”
  • “The work performed for me was of the highest caliber. I will be forever grateful not only for your help, but also for the humane manner in which you helped me deal with the myriad of gut-wrenching problems I encountered.”
  • “…..we just wanted to express our deepest and most sincere appreciation for all of your help over these past years. Our lives have returned to some what of a normal state due in large part to you and your team.”
  • “Mr. Davis is not a lawyer who shoots from the hip, although his presence of mind and sharp intellect would otherwise allow him to do so.”
  • “I just wanted to thank you all for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it. It was something I never thought I would do in my life, but with all of your help and patience, I made it through…..I couldn’t have made it through without your support and encouragement. You are truly the best!! If anyone ever needs your services for some unfortunate reason, you will be the first person I refer. Again, Thank you and take care.”
  • “We appreciate you treating our case like a large one….It is such a joy to realize how close we are to climbing out of the “black hole” we have been living in. We look forward to our fresh start. Thank you very much for caring about us.”
  • “I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to represent and help me to obtain financial security….thank you for choosing to take my case.”

To whom it may concern:

My wife, Elaine, was critically injured in a terrible automobile accident when the car she was driving was struck from behind by a large pick-up truck while she was stopped waiting to turn left into our subdivision. This accident was not just the result of the carelessness of the other driver. It was also due to the negligence of his employer for allowing him to drive a company-owned vehicle for personal business. With Elaine in  intensive care, semi-comatose and on life-support due to her extensive injuries, I realized that it would be impossible for me to attempt to deal with that company’s insurance to make sure that they would voluntarily pay all of the medical expenses and related personal injury compensation as a result of this accident. Knowing that I would need the assistance of an experienced attorney specializing in catastrophic injury cases, a family member referred me to E. Marcus Davis of the law firm Davis, Zipperman, Kirschenbaum and Lotito.

In an introductory meeting with him, I was impressed that Marc had been willing to take time out from a beautiful Sunday afternoon to drive about 50 miles to meet with my daughter and me. Marc brought with him Chris Farmer, one of the associates in the firm. During our meeting, Marc’s knowledge of the medical procedures related to Elaine’s injuries was most impressive. Both Marc and Chris presented themselves as being truly concerned about Elaine’s condition and about how they could best help us with our case. It didn’t take long to decide that Marc Davis would be the best lawyer to represent us.

As soon as they were given the “go-ahead”, Marc, along with Chris and their nurse paralegal, Stephanie Michaels, began the process of putting together a case that would be presented in court. They proved themselves to be diligent, hard working and highly efficient in all the aspects involved in a case such as this. They were also courteous, friendly and willing to take the time to help whenever I would call with a question or some other problem. When I would apologize if I thought I was taking up too much of their time with a phone call, Chris would tell me, “I always have time for you, Jim.”

All throughout our relationship with Marc, Chris and Stephanie, they never hesitated to treat us as if we were their most important client. During the seven months that Elaine spent in the hospital, they would call me at least every week to ask how Elaine was doing. After she was feeling well enough for visitors other than family, Marc went to see Elaine in the hospital so that he could introduce himself to her and to see that she was being treated properly. After Elaine had been home from the hospital for a few months, Marc and Chris even came out to our house to visit with us.

When the defense attorney finally requested mediation, we knew that Marc’s efforts were about to culminate in a settlement. Marc and Chris had prepared their case so well that their presentation before the mediator could just as well have been used in court before a judge and jury. Needless to say, they were able to achieve a settlement for us that was satisfactory to everyone involved.

Up to now, I have never needed an attorney, and I really didn’t know very many lawyers. We were very fortunate to have had the expertise of Marc Davis on our side. I don’t believe that there is another attorney who is as highly qualified to have done the superb job that Marc Davis, along with Chris Farmer and Stephanie Michaels, was able to do. I certainly hope that we never have to experience another incident like this one, but if we ever do, at least we now have an attorney to represent us. If anyone else should have the misfortune to find themselves in this type of situation involving a catastrophic injury resulting from an accident such as this one, I highly recommend the services of E. Marcus Davis.

Jim Freeman

“We were first introduced to Mr. Davis 6 years ago when my father, Russell L. Wright Sr. was paralyzed from the shoulders down after a routine back surgery. At the time my father was 65 with limited income and no hope of a full recovery. Marcus first visited with our family while my father was still a patient at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta. I was relieved by his immediate attention to our case.

Our family was totally devastated by the catastrophic injury that my father suffered. His wife of more than 40 years and 5 children were all rendered numb by the experience. It would be weeks before we were able to focus on making a case. During our decision process Marcus remained patient and supportive.

Once Mr. Davis began to work on out case he remained consistently dedicated to the well being of our family for the next 3 years, making frequent visits to our home and numerous calls to us on a monthly basis. By now we had settled into a grueling 18-hour schedule for my father’s care. My mother, 2 sisters and I were totally responsible for this feat. We had no financial resources to afford home health aides. We suffered from mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. It was during this time that we came to depend on Marcus most. Imagine our relief to have our own personal champion fighting this battle on our behalf as we tended to matters with my father.

Our case became an increasingly difficult one, as the buck for responsibility of my father’s condition was passed between defendants. After 3 years of meetings, documentation, depositions and experts, Mr. Davis successfully settled our case.

My father recently celebrated his 71st birthday. We now have assisted medical care 18 hours a day and we have moved into a handicap accessible home. We even find occasion to travel in Dad’s modified van. My father is happy and healthy as can be expected. While the quality of life has been permanently altered, my father’s lifestyle has significantly improved. His only regret is that my Mother did not live to witness his victory.

I would highly recommend the services of E. Marcus Davis to any person(s) in need of representation due to physical injury.

“E. Marcus Davis genuinely fits himself into the shoes of his client. Or at least I can say as much in that I know he did so in his representation of me. I could see it and feel it and our ultimate result reinforced this understanding. I observed that Marc would do what it took to achieve good result.

In addition to mindset of perseverance, I can also assert as to Marc’s understanding of the Law He demonstrated his thorough familiarity with both the substance of the law and esoteric procedural matters.

Marc also showed an uncanny sensitivity to the underlying goals being sought. I mean by this that he was not merely focused on legal victory, but also what was more essentially in the overall interest of his client and his client’s interests. Related to this issue is Marc’s ability to understand human nature and enable such understanding to
support our objectives.

And on a human level, Marc remained consistently ‘available’.”

“Prior to working with Marc Davis, I was frustrated with other attorneys who continuously dragged their feet. When I began working with Marc, things immediately went into motion. He was sincerely involved in my situation. In addition, Marc had the expertise, wisdom and ability to expeditiously tackle and promptly bring resolution to my legal issue.

Marc’s integrity in the legal community, combined with his keen knowledge of the legal system, are key reasons why I have the utmost confidence in Marc to handle my legal issues. Marc is very professional and highly motivated to achieve client satisfaction. He takes the time to fully understand both sides of a legal issue and resolve it with everyone involved feeling good about the outcome.

I highly recommend Marc Davis and have referred him to others who have been equally pleased with his services.

“First I will begin by asking that you please forgive me for my unprofessional etiquette in just now forwarding my written expression of “thanks.”

There seems to be so few people in the world like you – fine people who take the time and trouble to share their expertise and talents to enrich the lives of others.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you, Jill and your staff on the superb representation that you provided during our recent legal matter. I thoroughly enjoyed working wit h you and your wonderful staff. The citizens of Georgia are fortunate to have you within it’s area. My life has also been richly enhanced as a result of your infinite wisdom.

I believe that our success was the result of dedication, determination, and enduring effort on the part of you and your wonderful staff. It is that untiring devotion of attorneys like you that yield such high standards and excellence.

Again, Marc I am eternally grateful for your professional spirit and assistance. I appreciate your interest, your time, and your remarkable professionalism. “THANKS!” for being there, for your outstanding representation and may God bless you, your family, your staff, and the Judicial System of this great country.”