Nursing Home Negligence & Malpractice

The average age of American citizens is gradually increasing. More and more people are being faced with the necessity of obtaining elder care for their parents or loved ones in nursing homes or other institutions.

Many nursing homes are profit driven and deliver substandard care. Many people have experienced the horror of visiting nursing homes where patients are warehoused in unsupervised or negligently supervised squalor. Many nursing homes are understaffed or staffed by poorly trained caregivers. Disaster all too frequently strikes. Many federal and state regulations exist concerning standards of care in the nursing home setting. Many nursing homes fail to follow these standards.

Mr. Davis has successfully prosecuted nursing homes and nursing home employees civilly when elderly or disabled people have been injured due to nursing home malpractice. Fractured hips and decubitous ulcers (bed sores) leading to sepsis are frequent injuries. Two of these cases have tragically involved patients who were burned to death in nursing homes where the staffing was inadequate, the policies or procedures were inadequate and the required sprinkler systems were either absent or not compliant with applicable building codes.