I am looking forward to hosting this annual event again. I encourage attorneys looking for insights into the trial skills needed to win big verdicts to join me.


January 23, 2014

  State Bar of Georgia Center

     Atlanta, Georgia


Presiding:       E. Marcus Davis, Program Chair; Davis, Zipperman, Kirschenbaum & Lotito, Atlanta


8:00 a.m.         REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST (All attendees must

check in upon arrival.  A jacket or sweater is recommended).

Continental Breakfast provided by Montlick & Associates



E. Marcus Davis


8:30 a.m.         VERDICT $5,050,000, 35 yr old woman died due to respiratory depression brought on by medications taken as a result of fall caused by collapse of deck in house she rented from defendant.

S.K. Rod Dixon, Dixon Firm, P.C.


9:00 a.m.         VERDICT $13,900,000, infant born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation following oxygen deprivation during birth. Hospital staff failed to assess child’s status and proper care not administered.

Nelson O. Tyrone, III, Tyrone Law Firm


9:30 a.m.         VERDICT $5,000,000, 61 yr old woman treated for cellulitis and released from ER, deteriorated at home and found to have blockages in arteries of both legs, blood clots, renal failure and sepsis. Bilateral below the knee leg amputations.

Jarome E. Gautreaux, Gautreaux & Adams, LLC

Tracey L. Dellacona, Dellacona Law Firm

10:30 a.m.       BREAK


10:45 a.m.       VERDICT $15,263,000, 22 year old male and four other individuals who were all part of a wedding party, traveling from the wedding to reception, were rear ended in traffic by a man doing 70 mph, forcing the trunk through the back seat. Plaintiff sustained dislocated neck and transected spinal cord and died at the scene. Three other backseat passengers all had catastrophic injuries.

Katherine L. McArthur, Katherine L. McArthur, LLC


11:15 a.m.       VERDICT $4,547,963,  25 yr old male suffered respiratory depression and cardiopulmonary arrest during abdominal surgery for colitis and died due to negligent administration of anesthesia, increasing levels of opioid medications.

William Q. Bird, Bird Law Group, P.C.


11:45 p.m.      LUNCH (Included in Registration Fee)


12:15 p.m.      VERDICT $10,000,000, 53 yr old male working at a lumber mill struck by piece of lumber and knocked into set of active spiked rollers, fatal injuries. Unsafe design of machinery allowed activation of one machine to activate another machine in the plant, causing the injuries.

Cale Conley, Conley Griggs Partin, LLP


12:45 p.m.      VERDICT $17,500,000, 19 yr old male struck by stray bullet when leaving WalMart left with severe brain injury after elective surgery to repair his jaw.

Jane L. Sams, Cochran Cherry Givens Smith Sistrunk & Sams, P.C.

Shean Williams, Cochran Cherry Givens Smith Sistrunk & Sams, P.C.


1:45 p.m.        BREAK


2:00 p.m.        VERDICT $12,000,000, 28 yr old female struck by falling oak tree limb from 30 feet above while a passenger in a pick-up truck, received crushing pelvic and leg injuries, internal injuries and traumatic head injury.

Howard E. Spiva, Spiva Law Group


2:30 p.m.        VERDICT $3,083,000, 1 month old male infant died after his pregnant mother was struck in abdominal area by airbag when involved in motor vehicle accident, amniotic sac broke and suffered placental abruption. C-section performed. Baby was born not breathing with lacerations on his face, suffered severe brain damage and death.

Brent Savage, Savage Turner Pinson & Karsman


3:00 p.m.        VERDICT $16,000,000, 15 passenger van rollover when defective tire failed, resulting in multiple deaths & catastrophic injuries.

Jeffrey R. Harris, Harris Penn Lowry DelCampo, LLC


3:30 p.m.        ADJOURN