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Marc Davis represented my son, who has Cerebral Palsy. He is an OUTSTANDING lawyer, because of all his hard work and dedication we were able to settle our case out of court. We would highly recommend him to anyone!

The Muñoz Family

Medical Malpractice: Birth Injury Due to Delayed C-Section

Marcus Davis was referred to our family by a long-time acquaintance. Meeting him changed our family’s lives. We trusted him to handle our case, and he did not disappoint us. I was very amazed at his medical knowledge as well as his legal expertise. I would recommend him 24/7 to anyone needing a competent attorney. He’s quite humble to be so smart and is a down-to-earth guy and doesn’t talk down to his clients. We love Marcus Davis!


Medical Malpractice: Failure to Diagnose Staph Infection (MRSA)




Automobile Accident: T-Bone Collision with Catastrophic Injuries

After my wife, Elaine, was severely injured (almost killed) when her car was rear-ended by a large pickup truck in an auto accident that was caused by the careless actions of the driver of the truck, Marc Davis came to the rescue.

Marc was referred to me by a family member who knew of Marc’s law practice. I don’t think that there is any other attorney who could have handled our case with more skill, finesse and compassion as did Marc and his associates. Throughout the seven months that Elaine was confined to hospitals and a rehab nursing home, Marc was diligently preparing his case. But as busy as he was with that, he or one of his associates always had time to assist me whenever I had a question or concern regarding Elaine’s medical treatment, or when I needed help dealing with my insurance company. He even made time to visit with us at the hospital, and at our home after Elaine had been released from the hospital.

Ultimately, Marc was successful in securing a settlement that really helped to make that difficult and painful time in our lives, especially Elaine’s, a bit more bearable. I most highly recommend Marc Davis to anyone seeking the representation of an excellent attorney for their personal injury or medical case. Marc was certainly our “knight in shining armor”!


Automobile Accident: Vehicle Struck from Behind by Corporate Transport

I have known Marc Davis for over 24 years. Both me and my firm have had the pleasure of working with him successfully over the years on some very significant cases. These cases have involved brain injuries, medical malpractice and 18 wheeler collisions.

Marc Davis is an attorney who can make a difference in a client’s life. He cares about his clients deeply and takes a genuine interest in what happens to them once the case is resolved. Marc Davis is an exceptional listener and an accomplished trial attorney. He has recovered many millions of dollars for his clients over the years.

One of the reasons Marc is so successful is because he is always learning and willing to learn. In recent years, he has studied with Jerry Spence who is known as a great advocate for people and one of the most successful and unique trial attorneys of the last 100 years.

Marc Davis is prepared to handle the most complicated of cases; he has the ability to cut to the chase and deal with the important issues that often make or break a case. I have always known him to deal with people fairly and always with integrity. I would heartily recommend Marc Davis as a trial lawyer without reservation.


Attorney Recommendation: Managing Partner Who Has Referred Many High Complexity Cases

I have known Marc for over 40 years and know him to be a compassionate person who truly cares about his clients and their situations.

My father passed away in late 2009 just shy of his 90th birthday due to a head injury resulting from a fall at home and what I thought was possible subsequent inadequate medical care. After consulting with another attorney I was referred to Marc because of his expertise in this area. My family could not have been better represented from day one until the final resolution.

His contacts in the medical field and his medical knowledge proved to be invaluable in handling this situation.

I find him to be one of the most, thorough, knowledgeable and caring attorneys that I have had to deal with in the almost 40 years of my own legal career. His experience and practical advice were invaluable to reaching a conclusion to a very painful matter. He has assembled an excellent staff to assist in handling his cases and his clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend Marc to anyone who has a need of his services. I do not think you could find any lawyer who would be better able to represent you.


Medical Malpractice: Failure to Diagnose Neck Fracture

Mr. Davis represented us in a suit against our car insurance co who refused to pay our claim after we were involved in a terrible crash with an uninsured motorist — despite our having paid hefty premiums for 20 years for just such a circumstance.

Big Nasty Insurance Co (BNIC) avoided us, delayed and delayed, tried to intimidate us and made us out to be terrible people…all to avoid having to reimburse medical expenses we incurred after grievous injuries. Marc worked with us to create a strategy at the beginning of our partnership, making sure we understood how long and difficult the process might be and how we could best help.

He and colleagues Eileen Cornell and Chris Farmer worked incredibly hard and never stopped fighting for us for the 3 years it took for our case to be resolved. Marc is smart, caring and thorough…a brilliant David who took on a Big Insurance Goliath and won.

Marc Davis will never have his face on the back of a bus or an ad on late night TV like some other lawyers. He doesn’t need to. His experience, honesty, hard work and heart speak for him and make him a truly great advocate and partner. He truly cares and there’s no “quit” in him.

We will always be grateful for the difference he made in our lives.

Susan M.

Automobile Accident: Collision Resulting in Spinal Surgery

I have known many lawyers through the years, but Marc Davis tops all of them! He is not only brilliant, but caring & kind! I have never met such a caring lawyer.

He handled my TBI, head injury case. When I first met with him, it was like he was in my head, experiencing my head injury issues! He understands head injury like no one else in the legal field. He helped me get through my TBI and encouraged me in succeeding in life. I ended up writing a book, TBI: Shaken but not Stirred” and Marc Davis is in my book and the acknowledgements.

I owe my success in life after TBI to Marc Davis. Thank you Marc Davis! I highly recommend Marc Davis.


Automobile Accident: Resulted in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Marcus was a huge help to our family after our two oldest sons were injured in an accident. We were faced with some hefty medical expenses and an insurance company that didn’t want to take responsibility. Marcus helped us through this tough time for our family and really pulled us through a bad financial situation.


Automobile Accident: Teenager Ejected from Vehicle

Marc Davis is a brilliant mind. From my experience in working with Marc what separates him from other attorneys is his ability to use all of his resources to help his client make the right decisions for THEIR situation and life. He does not have an agenda of his own.

My belief is Marc practices law because it gives him a way to HELP other people not because it puts money in his pocket. His superior education combined with who he is as a person make him outstanding in every respect.

Anyone would be fortunate to have Marc Davis as their attorney.

Susan D.